Some blankets I love

Here are some blankets I love. It may be the design, the colors, or just the general feel of the blanket, but each one of these calls out to me in some way. So here we go:

1. Galaxy Quilt

This galaxy quilt is very nice. I like the swirls all heading to the star in the center. I also like the different fabrics, all in blue, combining to create a celestial look.

2. Photo Collage Blanket

collage blanket
This collage blanket from Zuniquely looks amazing. Apparently you can custom make a blanket with any photo or photos you want – now that’s cool!

3. Crochet Blanket

I absolutely love this one, particularly because it reminds me of a shawl my grandma had crocheted. That one was in mustard wool, but somewhat similar in design to this one. I wish I still had that one with me – I would have included that one here instead!

4. Green and White

Wool eater
This blanket made it on this list because of the colors. And the funny part is that I am not even that big a fan of this particular shade of green! But the design and the colors just work together I think, to make this one striking.

Pastel Woven Throw

Once again, I like the colors in this one – the pastel combination is quite appealing. Also, this throw really seems soft and snuggly, doesn’t it?

Which one was your favorite?

We all have a blanket we love. And by “we” I don’t mean little kids. Of course, we often see that small children are very attached to a particular blankie – they’ll even carry it around everywhere with them.

As adults, we are much more subtle – we don’t typically drag our beloved blanket all around town with us. But still, most of us do have one that we adore – one that we particularly love to cuddle up in, that just makes us feel secure and warm.

So which one is your favorite? Take a snap and send it to me, or just describe it if you prefer.